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Contract Management System
Contracts with third parties like suppliers, customers and service providers are increasingly important in your business model. Besides the fact that contracts will contribute to the control of your liabilities, nowadays, most quality systems and accounting regulations are requiring you to manage and control your contract portfolio. This part of your administration becomes more and more specialized since it needs to address an increasing level of legislation.
Non-existing contracts or insufficient ones will cause extensive lawyer costs when things go wrong.
In “Contract Management”, we have 18 years of experience as legal counsel. We will help you in the management of your contract portfolio: from just setting up a single contract up to the complete management of your portfolio.
Our cloud based Contract Dynamics ™ interactive contract management software will keep track of your contracts, addendums and related documentation. Automated event mail warnings and life cycle management will reduce the workload significantly and will add value to your administrative processes. Our Contract Dynamics contract management software is easily accessible from anywhere anytime.
Contract Management Database